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Product Description

  • 80PCS; SIZE: 460X220X245MM; 3 TRAYS; 1 TRAY: UTILITY KNIFE, 18MM, SK2 (YT-7507); SPARE BLADES FOR YT-7507, SK2 (YT-7525) ; MACHINIST HAMMER, 300G (YT-4503); WATER PUMP PLIERS, 250MM (YT-2070); LONG NOSE PLIERS, 160MM (YT-2016); SIDE CUTTING PLIERS, 160MM (YT-2036); COMBINATION PLIERS, 180MM (YT-2007); 8PCS HEX KEYS SET, CRV (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6MM); 7 PCS TORX KEYS SET, CRV (T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40); 2 TRAY: 1/4" REGULAR SOCKET, 6PT, LENGTH: 25MM, AS-DRIVE, D IN3121, CRV50BV30, 9PCS (5MM- YT-1403, 6MM- YT-1405, 7MM- YT-1406, 8MM- YT-1407, 9MM- YT-1408, 10MM- YT-1409, 11MM- YT-1 410, 12MM- YT-1411, 13MM- YT-1412); 1/2" REGULAR SOCKET, 6PT, LENGTH: 38/42MM, AS-DRIVE, DIN3121, CRV50BV30, 8PCS (10MM- YT-1203, 11MM- YT-1204, 12MM- YT-1205, 13MM- YT-1206, 14MM- YT-1207, 15MM- YT-1208, 17MM- YT-1210, 19MM- YT-1212); SPAR K PLUG SOCKET, 1/2" , 21MM (YT-1254); RATCHET HANDLE, 1/2" (YT-07293); COUPLER, 1/4", LENGTH: 25MM, CRV50BV30; 20PCS OF BITS, LENGTH: 25MM, S2 (SL: 3MMX2, 4MMX2, 5MMX2, 5.5MMX2, 6MMX2; PH0, PH1X2, PH2X2, PH3; PZ0, PZ1X2, PZ2); SLOTTED SCRE WDRIVER, 5X75MM, S2 (YT-2762); SLOTTED SCREWDRIVER, 6X100MM, S2 (YT-2766); SLOTTED SCREWDRIVER, 8X150MM, S2 (YT-2769); P HILLIPS SCREWDRIVER, PH1X75MM, S2 (YT-2772); PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER, PH2X100MM, S2 (YT-2776); SCREWDRIVER BIT HOLDER, LENG TH: 150MM, CRV50BV30; TRAY 3: COMBINATION SPANNER, CRV, DIN3113, AS-DRIVE, 12PCS (6MM- YT-0335, 7MM- YT-0336, 8MM- YT-03 37, 9MM- YT-0338, 10MM- YT-0339, 11MM- YT-0340, 12MM- YT-0341, 13MM- YT-0342, 14MM- YT-0343, 15MM- YT-0344, 17MM- YT-034 6, 19MM- YT-0348)




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