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Yato YT-85432 Power Hot Selling Inverter Mini Gasoline Generator 2.5Kw
Yato YT-85432 Power Hot Selling Inverter Mini Gasoline Generator 2.5Kw

Yato YT-85432 Power Hot Selling Inverter Mini Gasoline Generator 2.5Kw

نکالنے کا مقام: چین برانڈ کا نام: یاتو
ماڈل نمبر: YT-85432 وولٹیج کی درجہ بندی: 230
موجودہ درجہ بندی: 10.9 ریڈیو فریکوئینسی: 50
پروڈکٹ کا نام: گیس لائن جنریٹر 2.5 کلو واٹ درخواست: آٹو مرمت
رنگ: سلور MOQ: 1 PC
لوگو: حسب ضرورت علامت OEM: قبول کر لیا
: کوالٹی پائیدار ٹھوس گروپ: صنعتی
آئٹم نمبر: YT-85432  
مصنوعات کی وضاحت
مصنوعات کی وضاحت
The generator is an electro-mechanical device in which the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. Power generator consists of cooperating with each other: an internal combustion engine and generator.

The generator is sold in a complete condition and does not require assembly.

Recommended fuel, unleaded petrol with octane number above 93.

Purpose / Use
generating electricity.
Starting the internal combustion engine.

Before starting the generator, disconnect all electrical equipment from the sockets in the generator. Turn the fuel valve lever to the ON position. (VII)

Push the suction lever in the direction of the arrow. (VIII) Turn the engine switch to the ON position. (IX)

Smoothly pull the starter cable, until the resistance is felt due to the compression of the engine, then pull with a strong, determined movement. (X)

Release the starter handle immediately after the engine has started.

As the engine warms up, move the choke lever back to its original position. After each change of the suction lever position, wait until the engine runs smoothly. The return speed of the choke lever depends on the atmospheric conditions in which the engine is started. The lower the ambient temperature, the return must be slower.

Connecting electrical devices to the generator

ATTENTION! It is not allowed to connect electric devices with a power rating higher than the rated power of the generator to the generator. When connecting more than one device, their total rated power must be lower than the rated power of the generator.

ATTENTION! Check whether the electrical devices connected to the generator have electrical parameters in accordance with the electrical parameters of the generator.

Start the engine according to the procedure described in the section "Starting the internal combustion engine". Make sure that the connected electrical devices are turned off. Connect the devices to the sockets in the generator. (XI) Turn the power switch to the ON position. (XI) Switch on the electrical device. In the event that the connected device has a higher power than the generator, the generator will turn itself off. In this case, you must disconnect the connected device. If more than three loads are connected, they must be switched on in the order of current consumption. First, switch on the loads that charge the highest current, then gradually switch on the loads that charge the lower current.

It is not allowed to connect several devices connected to the generator at the same time. Electrical devices usually take the most electricity when they start up. After switching on the device connected to the generator, one must wait until the load reaches the stabilized operating mode. Only then can the next device be switched on.

Stopping the engine

Switch off the electrical device connected to the generator. Disconnect the electrical device from the generator.
Switch the socket switch to the OFF position. Turn the motor switch to the OFF position. lever
change the fuel valve to the OFF position.تکنیکی ڈیٹا
اشاریہ نمبر YT-85432
EAN 5906083854323

مجموعی وزن (کلوگرام)

ماسٹر کارٹن ایم سی

بجلی [کلو واٹ]

موجودہ شرح [A]

وولٹیج [V]

تعدد [ہرٹج]

شور کی سطح [dB]

Dimensions [length

وزن [کلو]

ایندھن کی قسم

انلیڈیڈ پیٹرول
ٹانک کی گنجائش [l]


2x 230
ایندھن کی کھپت [l / h]

آئل پین کی صلاحیت [l] 0.6
تیل کی قسم

SAE 15W-40
خودکار وولٹیج استحکام ٹاک
مصنوعات کی قسم


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استحکام ، کاریگری کا کمال ، عمدہ ماد ،ہ ، اعلی معیار کا اسٹیل YATO مصنوعات کی تکنیکی خصوصیات ہیں ، جن کی پیش کش تین شعبوں سے وابستہ ہے: خدمت ، تعمیر اور باغ۔ معیشت کے بہت سے شعبوں میں ماہرین کے ذریعہ YATO ہاتھ اور نیومیٹک ٹول کامیابی کے ساتھ استعمال کیے گئے ہیں۔ غیر معمولی استحکام اور استحکام YATO کو شدید صنعتی اور خدمت کی شرائط میں ایپلی کیشنز کا مرقع بناتا ہے۔


عمل:اگر سامان کے بارے میں آپ کو کوئی سوال ہے تو ، براہ کرم ہچکچاہٹ نہ کریں ہم سے رابطہ کریں.

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