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Fontos a pneumatikus szerszámok használata

Idő: 2016-06-22 Találatok: 239


1. Before use, please read the safe operation instructions carefully, and according to the instructions of the operation content to use the tools, to ensure the safety of use.

2. This tool is strictly prohibited to be used in situations with explosion risk.

3. It is strictly prohibited to use the gas other than air as the gas source to use the tool, in order to avoid the risk of explosion.

4. When not using tools, replacing accessories or carrying out maintenance, please turn off the air source and unplug the connector between the tool and the air source.

5. Tools and accessories are prohibited to be changed by themselves. If different parts are used or parts that are not delivered by the company, the warranty responsibility will not be borne.

6, do not blow high pressure air directly to yourself or anyone else.

7, do not use the hand tool sleeve, can only use good pneumatic torque wrench special sleeve, not good sleeve or hand tool sleeve used in the pneumatic torque wrench, will cause rupture and lead to danger.

8. When operating tools, repairing tools or replacing tool accessories, please wear eye-masks and masks that can resist the impact at any time. Even small projectiles will hurt the eyes and may lead to blindness.

9, high volume will cause hearing damage, please wear the standard ear muffs according to the regulations of each area, in order to protect the safety of users.

10. Repeated working movements, inconvenient working methods and exposure to vibration may cause injury to the hand arm. If numbness, tingling or white skin occurs in the arm, please stop using tools and consult a doctor.

11. Please do not contact the moving shaft and accessories directly to avoid injury, and please wear gloves to protect your hands.

※ Air supply:

1. The winding of the air pressure pipeline will cause serious danger. Please check the air pressure pipeline at any time and place it in an appropriate position.

2. All tools, accessories and air pressure pipelines must meet the requirements of air pressure and volume.

3. The air supplied to the tool must be clean and dry. The moisture in the air will lead to rust of the metal inside the tool and cause losses.

4. When operating the tool, the maximum pressure at the air inlet shall not exceed 90psi (6.3kg/cm2) or the pressure indicated on the nameplate of the tool. Higher pressure will cause damage to the tool and cause accidents, and will reduce the service life of the tool, which is not included in the warranty scope.

※ Oiling and lubrication:

1. Lubricate the tool motor set by using lubricator, and adjust the flow rate to 2 drops of oil per minute. Use special oil for pneumatic tools (SAE#10-20 lubricating oil).

2. If the oiler is not used, each shift (4 hours) needs to inject 5cc special oil for pneumatic tools from the inlet joint of the tool to lubricate.

3. After using the tool every day, 5CC of special oil for pneumatic tools should be injected into the inlet of the tool, and the operation should be started for 1-2 seconds to discharge the foreign body, and then the tool should be placed in a clean place to avoid damage to parts when the foreign body is blown in or invaded after working again.

4. After the torque wrench is disassembled and installed 8000 times or after working for 40 hours, remove the OIL filling screw from the OIL position on the tool and inject butter to lubricate the strike group. After lubrication, the screw shall be installed and tightened.

5, torsion spanner - impact pin strike system should use oil to lubricate.

6. After the ratchet wrench is dismantled and installed 3000 times, the buckle ring on the ratchet head shall be removed, the transmission shaft shall be taken out and wiped clean, and butter shall be applied to lubricate the ratchet group. After lubrication, the ratchet shall be assembled back.Caution: when disassembling the secondary ratchet head group, be careful of the danger of buckles and steel ball ejection.

7, if it is impossible to calculate the number of use, please set the weekly maintenance time, on time maintenance.

8. Lubrication maintenance of tools is necessary. Failure to maintain lubrication on time will lead to reduced torsion of tools and rapid reduction of service life of tools, which will not be included in the warranty scope.

9. Avoid using corrosive oil to avoid damaging the oil seal and bakewood blades of intersecting materials.

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