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A pneumatikus szerszámok használata

Idő: 2020-03-02 Találatok: 293

Compared with power tools, pneumatic tools are small, light in weight, large output, small fault, easy to operate and convenient maintenance.

1: positive and negative rotation convenient operation, small, can be high-speed rotation

2: it is easy to adjust the speed, without the risk of fire

3: the use of steam (diesel) oil-powered air compressor can also be used outside the house

4: less repair cost, good economy

Instructions for use of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools on the rationality of all assignments, can give full play, it is very good products, high precision components, whether traders speed rotary or hit repeatedly, when using this precision tool, as long as pay attention, the work efficiency, tools can give full play to the durability of the, achieve better economic results.

1. The choice of machine type and model: the use of pneumatic tools, the choice of machine type is necessary.In the content and amount of work, after full consideration, to produce a variety of products, so before use, according to the purpose of the operation, choose the most appropriate tools, not only to improve the efficiency of the operation, the service life of the tools, but also can get more economic effects.

2. Air consumption of pneumatic tools and capacity of air compressor:In order to make the pneumatic tool action, a certain amount of compressed air is necessary. Compared with the air consumption of the tool and the capacity of the air compressor, the capacity of the air compressor is relatively abundant. When the air capacity is insufficient, or when the air capacity is at the bottom, the ability of the tool may be reduced or stopped.Basically 0.1m3/min air consumption must use 0.75kW air compressor, all with 7.5kW air compressor, air consumption in 1.0m3/min tools can be used continuously.

3. The correct air pressure, the use of the highest efficiency is in the tool near the air pressure set 0.6 Mpa (6Kgf/cm3) below the tool capacity will be reduced, 0.7 Mpa (7Kgf/cm3) above, easy to lead to accidents or failures.

4. Piping, air compressor barrel to the tool contact, to avoid the loss of pressure, the air pipe to use pneumatic tools, pressure tube, a large number of tools, or air compressor barrel distance is far, 25-38m/m piping is necessary, branch connected to the air pipe pneumatic tools must be greater than 3/8 (9.5mm) above the air pipe.

5. The elimination of water and moisture in the air compressor and pipeline, water must be removed every day, the use of clean air, is a necessary tool for maintenance tools.

6. Pay attention to and manage the tool before and after use, must add special pneumatic oil (1-2C.C) to lubricate the tool and prevent rust, use to avoid throwing, throwing, rolling, the tool to avoid dust or other foreign matter into the tool.

7. Maintenance pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, pipe supporting system of air compressor export must use the pressure regulating valve, filter, oil filter and air compressor three combination, size and order line to the production of attachment must be put in a combination of three mouth, because of the long line also can produce moisture in the air, the most standard factory building with necessary to install the three combination,It is also necessary to choose to turn off the air compressor power source after automatic drainage.

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