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is a China branch of the group TOYA S.A, which is a Listed Firm in Poland. ЯТО is a best cost-performance EUROPE BRAND of professional hand tools all over the world, with a warehouse of 4000 M2 in Shanghai, consists of more than $8 millions stocks covering over 4000 items,including General Hand Tools, Special Car Repair Tools, Construction Tools, Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools, Personal Protection Equipment, as well as Garden Tools ,etc. These products are fit both for professional and industrial applications,and passed ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Tools (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd located in KangQiao Industry Zone of Shanghai Pudong district.Along with the development in China market, ЯТО people faced challenges and difficult with fearless courage.Now ЯТО Tools has built many agents in Algeria,Australia,Brazil,Chile,Israel,Malaysia,Mexico,Pakistan,Singapore,South Africa,Thailand, U.A.E....more than 50 countries. ЯТО Tools are attractive and durable and complete in specifications. In the recent years of promotion and marketing, ЯТО become excellent brand tools and enjoy best reputation as the special style and high efficiency.

ЯТО предлага:

A. Price and quality wise competitive goods,all quality and technic are supported by our Polish engineer;

B. YATO is a Europe brand,the package information is with Poland company address,also 15 language(English,German,Spanish,etc) of product name;

C. Flexible service – known as:

  • Flexible & short time for order delivery, basically in 5-7 working days;
  • No MOQ request, only each order >$5000,since we will build stock for clients;
  • Wide range of goods, meet your different demands in various fields
  • After-sale service, quality guarantee for whole lifetime;
  • Whole ranges inspection equipments in labs ( for hand tools,cutting tools and power tools.,etc)

D. Innovation --with a imaginative designs team,YATO continuously develops about 500 new products each year;

ЯТО has been adhering to the "the best cost-effective tools in Europe" business philosophy. We follow closely world standards and fit both for professional and industrial applications. We develop the market potential with new products to supply the efficient tools to all customers and make the users enjoy the long-history Europe charm.

YATO history

1990 - Establishment of TOYA IMPORT-EKSPORT S.C.

2001 - Establishment of TOYA S.A., which acquired assets of TOYA IMPORT-EKSPORT S.C.

2001 - Modern Logistic and Distribution Center in Wroclaw (8 floors, 15 000 pallet places, area over 3000 sqm)

2001 - Establishment of TOYA S. A. branch in Pruszkow

2002 - Establishment of TOYA S.A. Kryniczno- Toya Golf & Country Club branch

2002 - Implementation of one of the most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning System ERP

2002 - TOYA S.A. Kryniczno brand development - exclusive real estate TOYA GOLF

2003 - Brand diversification - new brands development: YATO, FALA, FLO, POWER UP, STHOR, VOREL

2003 - Establishment of TOYA ROMANIA S.A. in Bucharest

2006 - TOYA - GOLF opening - Champion Class Golf Course

2007 - Liquidation of Pruszkow branch and creating modern Logistic and Distribution Center in Poland, Mlochow near Warsaw

2008 - Establishment of YATO China in Shanghai (modern office and logistic center with total area over 3000 sqm)

2011 - TOYA S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

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