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Vier die grondleggingseremonie van YATO Tools (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

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9 Desember 2020, die belangrike mylpaal in die ontwikkeling van YATO China. Die aanvangsplegtigheid van groot projekte in Baibu Economic Development Zone en die stigtingseremonie van YATO Tools (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. is in Baibu Town, Haiyan, gehou.


Ms. Huang Jiangying, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Group;

Mr. Chen Feng, Deputy County Administrator of the County People's Government;

Mr. Fan Zhenghua, Party Secretary of Baibu Economic Development Zone (Baibu Town), Director of Management Committee and other government leaders, and employees of YATO attended the foundation ceremony to witness this glorious moment!

YATO tools (jiaxing) co., LTD., a foreign-funded company, fully invested by TOYA.S.A of Poland, is planning to build 23,500 square meters of 3D warehouse and production, including the assembly and logistics integration base in haiyan baibu, with an investment of $15 million. The newly built building area is about 23,500 square meters, which will be used as the project production workshop, research and development workshop, warehouse and office room. The building density is 0.6, the green land rate is 10%, and the floor area ratio is about 1.6.The project purchased production and storage equipment, such as assembly line workbench, three-dimensional shelf, stacker, warehouse tray conveyor system, etc., and formed the production and storage capacity with an annual output of 260,000 sets of tool sets, 300,000 pieces of power tools and other tools.The aim is to build Haiyan Baibu Base into the procurement, sales and logistics center of TOYA Greater China and the world. At the same time, it is also a major strategic decision of toya.s.a to accelerate the global strategic layout, improve the construction of global supply chain system, and enter the leading ranks of the global tool industry!

"The 2020 epidemic has changed the world, affecting our communications, operations, logistics, production and so on. Jiaxing has been affected by the epidemic since it's started."Mr. Su Gang, President of YATO Tools (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd, said enthusiastically, "Both the government of Haiyan County, the government of Baibu Town, the European headquarters, and the team in Shanghai have overcome numerous difficulties to ensure the timely signing and follow-up process, as well as the scheduled foundation laying ceremony. We YATO tools will blossom and bear fruit, on this precious land, this paradise, the giant vessel will carry our YATO tools all over the world!"

(▲Mr. Su Gang, President of YATO Tools, interviewed)

(▲Mr. Su Gang, President of YATO Tools, Made a Speech)

(▲Mr. Chen Feng, County people's government deputy county magistrate, Made a speech)


(▲Fan Zhenghua, the secretary of Baibu Economic Development Zone (Baibu town) , Director of the management committee. Made a Speech)

December 9th, 2020, Ms. Huang Jiangying, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress and secretary of the Party Leadership Group, announced the start of the project. So far, YATO who offer annual 260,000 sets of tool, 300,000 sets of power tools, will take root in Haiyan, for fruitful future. It is believed that upon the support and guidance of leaders, there will be a rapid development of YATO Tools Expert.



 The whole foundation is a great success, and started the prelude of the project. In the land, full of hope and vitality, we YATO draw a grand blueprint with dexterous hands, and will build a bright future together.




Let's witness this historic moment, share the joy of success, and look forward to a brilliant future!



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