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Yato 125PCS Professional Hand Tools Socket Set 1/4
Yato 125PCS Professional Hand Tools Socket Set 1/4
Yato 125PCS Professional Hand Tools Socket Set 1/4
Yato 125PCS Professional Hand Tools Socket Set 1/4

Yato 125PCS Professional Hand Tools Socket Set 1/4

Brand Name: YATO Model Number: YT-38941
Place of Origin: China Product name: 225PCS TOOL SET
Application: Auto Repairing Color: Silver
MOQ: 2PC Logo: Customized Logo
OEM: Accepted Quality: Durable Solid
Product Description

 SOCKET SET 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" 225PCS


225PCS; 1/2" <(>&<)> 3/8" <(>&<)> 1/4"; ALL SOCKETS: 6PT, MATERIAL: CRV 50BV30, 2 TONE WITH LATHE KNURLING, 1/2''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 38/42MM, 15PCS (YT-1203 - 10MM/ YT- 1206 - 13MM/ YT-1208 - 15MM/ YT-1209 - 16MM/ YT-1210 - 17MM/ YT-1211 - 18MM/ YT-1212 - 19MM/ YT-1213 - 20MM/ YT-1214 - 21MM/ YT-1215 - 22MM/ YT-1216 - 23MM/ YT-1217 - 24MM/ YT-1218 - 27MM/ YT-1219 - 30MM/ YT-1220 - 32MM), 3/8''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS- DRIVE, LENGTH: 28/30MM, 10PCS (YT-3805 - 10MM/ YT-3806 - 11MM/ YT-3807 - 12MM/ YT-3808 - 13MM/ YT-3809 - 14MM/ YT-3810 - 15MM/ YT-3811 - 16MM/ YT-3812 - 17MM/ YT-3813 -18MM/ YT-3814 - 19MM), 1/4''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 25MM, 14PCS (3.5MM/ YT-1401 - 4MM/ YT-1402 - 4.5MM/ YT-1403 - 5MM/ YT-1404 - 5.5MM/ YT-1405 - 6MM/ YT-1406 - 7MM/ YT- 1407 - 8MM/ YT-1408 - 9MM/ YT-1409 - 10MM/ YT-1410 - 11MM/ YT-1411 - 12MM/ YT-1412 - 13MM/ 14MM); 1/2"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 76MM, 9PCS (YT-1223 - 10MM/ YT-1224 - 11MM/ YT-1225 - 12MM/ YT-1226 - 13MM/ YT-1227 - 14MM/ YT-1228 - 15MM/ YT-1230 - 17MM/ YT-1232 - 19MM/ YT-1234 - 21MM), 3/8"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 63MM, 5PCS (YT-3820 - 6MM/ YT-3821 - 7MM/ YT-3822 - 8MM/ YT-3823 - 9MM/ YT-3824 - 10MM); SOCKET S.A.E. 1/2"DR., REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, 6PT, 8PCS (1/2"X7/16", 1/2"X1/2", 1/2"X9/16", 1/2"X5/8", 1/2"X11/16”, 1/2"X3/4”, 1/2"X13/16”, 1/2"X7/8”), 1/4''DR., REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, 6PT, 5PCS (1/4"X1/4", 1/4"X9/32", 1/4"X5/16", 1/4"X11/32", 1/4"X3/8"); METRIC IMPACT SOCKET 1/2"DR., 6PT, 3PCS (17MM/ 19MM/ 21MM); STAR SOCKET 1/2''DR., 6PT, CRV 6150, 5PCS (E16, E18, E20, E22, E24), 3/8''DR., 6PT, CRV 6150, 4PCS (E10, E11, E12, E14), 1/4''DR., 6PT, CRV 6150, 5PCS (E4, E5, E6, E7, E8); EXTENSION BAR 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 127MM (YT- 1247), 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 254MM (YT-1248), 3/8"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 76MM (YT-3843), 3/8"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 254MM (YT- 3845); EXTENSION BAR WITH WOBBLE 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 50.8MM (YT-1433), 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 101.6MM (YT-1435); THREE WAY JOINT 3/8"(F)X1/2"(M), CRV 50BV30, 1/2"(F)X3/8”(M) CRV 50BV30; UNIVERSAL JOINT 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-1252), 3/8"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-3850), 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-1437); SPARK PLUG SOCKET 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 64MM, 16MM (YT-1253), 21MM (YT-1254), 3/8"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 63MM, 18MM (YT-3841); SLIDING T-BAR 1/4"DR., CRV 40, LENGTH: 152.4MM (YT-1426); CURVED RATCHET HANDLE WITH TPR HANDLE 1/2"DR., LENGTH: 255MM, CRMO 440 (YT-0732), 3/8"DR., LENGTH: 200MM, CRMO 440 (YT- 0731), 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 155MM, CRMO 440 (YT-0730); SPINNER HANDLE 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 150MM, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1427); SPINNER HANDLE WITH BIT ADAPTER 1/4”DR., LENGTH: 200MM, CRV6140; BIT ADAPTER 1/2"X5/16”, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1295), BIT ADAPTER 3/8"X5/16”, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1296); BIT ADAPTER 3/8”X1/4”, CRV 50BV30; BIT ADAPTER 1/4"X1/4”, CRV 50BV30 (YT- 1297); ADAPTER 1/4"X3/8”, LENGTH: 50MM, CRV 50BV30, 1/4"X1/4”, LENGTH: 50MM, CRV 50BV30, 1/4"X1/4”, LENGTH: 25MM, CRV 50BV30; BIT HOLDER 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 60MM, CARBON STEEL; SCREWDRIVER BITS 5/16", S2, LENGTH: 75MM, 8PCS (TORX: T20/ T25/ T27/ T30/ T40/ T45/ T50/ T55), 5/16", S2, LENGTH: 30MM, 21PCS (SL: YT-7893 - 8MM/ 10MM/; PH: YT-7896 - PH3/ PH4/; PZ: PZ3/ PZ4/; TORX: YT-7903 - T40/ YT-7904 - T45/ YT-7905 - T50/ YT- 7906 - T55/ YT-7907 - T60/ T70/; TORX TAMPERPROOF: YT-7914 - T40/ YT- 7915 - T45/ YT-7916 - T50/ YT-7917 - T55/ YT-7918 - T60/ T70/; HEX: 10MM/ 12MM/ 14MM), 1/4"DR., S2, LENGTH: 25MM, 59PCS (SL: YT-7800 - 3MM/ YT-7801 - 4MM/ YT-7803 - 5.5MM/ YT-7805 - 6.5MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/ 9MM/; PH: YT- 7806 - PH0/ YT-7807 - PH1/YT-7808 - PH2/ YT-7809 - PH3/; PZ: PZ0/ YT- 7810 - PZ1/ YT-7811 - PZ2/ YT-7812 - PZ3/; TORX: YT-7813 - T8/ T9/ YT- 7814 -T10/ YT-7815 - T15/ YT-7816 - T20/ YT-7817 - T25/ YT-7818 - T27/ YT-7819 - T30/; TORX TAMPERPROOF: YT-7821 - T8/ T9/ YT-7822 - T10/ YT- 7823 - T15/ YT-7824 - T20/ YT-7825 - T25/ YT-7826 – T27/ YT-7827 - T30/; PENTAGRAM TAMPERPROOF: 3MM/ 4MM/ 5MM/ 6MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/; HEX: YT-7831 - 3MM/ YT-7832 - 4MM/ YT-7833 - 5MM/ YT-7834 - 6MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/; HEX TAMPERPROOF: 4MM/5MM/ 6MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/; TRI-WINGS: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/; FOUR WINGS: 6/ 8/ 10/; SPANNER: 4MM/ 6MM/ 8MM/ 10MM); COMBINATION SPANNER DIN 3113, AS-DRIVE, CRV, 12PCS (YT-0337 - 8MM/ YT-0338 - 9MM/ YT-0339 - 10MM/ YT-0340 - 11MM/ YT-0341 - 12MM/ YT-0342 - 13MM/ YT-0343 - 14MM/ YT-0344 - 15MM/ YT-0346 - 17MM/ YT-0348 - 19MM/ YT-0351 – 22MM); SCREWDRIVER S2, 2PCS (SL: YT-25910 - 6.0X38MM/; PH: YT-25928 - PH2X38MM); COMBINATION PLIERS CARBON STEEL, DIN5746, LENGTH: 180MM (YT- 2007); WATER PUMP PLIERS CRV, LENGTH: 250MM (YT-2090); HEX KEY CRV 6150, 10PCS (YT-0509 - 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12MM)


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