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Scope of replacement or repair

1. In the YOTO professional tool series, any product with "YOTO" trademark engraved on it can be replaced with the same product or repaired free of charge if it is damaged during normal use.

2. This commitment is unlimited in time.


Two, not replacement or repair scope

1. Products without the YOTO trademark are not subject to replacement or repair.

2, the product after use rust, electroplating peeling, surface hanging marks, plastic handle damage is not accepted to replace or repair.

3. If the packaging materials (such as boxes, shelves, plastic cases, hanging cards, etc.) are damaged during use, they will not be replaced or repaired.

Three, how to replace or repair

Users do not need any voucher for the damaged products within the range of replacement. They can go to the nearest sales point for replacement or repair for free. If the sales point is out of stock, YELTUO, as the general distributor of YATO tools, will send the products to the sales point by express for users to replace.

Four, service consultation

If the user needs to know more about the after-sales service warranty terms of the YOTO tool or cannot get satisfactory service at the point of sale, the user can call the after-sales service phone 021-68182950 or 400 820 0348

Fifth, the right of interpretation

Under certain circumstances, YATO has the right to modify this clause, and the final interpretation right belongs to YATO.

Sixth, to report

If you find any company or individual producing or selling counterfeit YOTO tools, please call 021-68182950

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