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True-Rms Ac/Dc Clamp Meter Handheld Digital Clamp Meter YT-73091
True-Rms Ac/Dc Clamp Meter Handheld Digital Clamp Meter YT-73091
True-Rms Ac/Dc Clamp Meter Handheld Digital Clamp Meter YT-73091
True-Rms Ac/Dc Clamp Meter Handheld Digital Clamp Meter YT-73091

True-Rms Ac/Dc Clamp Meter Handheld Digital Clamp Meter YT-73091

Place of Origin: China Brand Name: YATO
Model Number: YT-73091 Display Type: Digital Only
Measuring Current Range: 20-600 Measuring Voltage Range: 20-600
Measuring Resistance Range: 20-200 Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +1000°C / -4 ~ +1832°F
Dimensions: 77X230X32MM Weight: 220G
Product name: DIGITAL CLAMP METER Application: Auto Repairing
Logo: Customized Logo OEM: Accepted
Quality: Durable Solid GROUP: INDUSTRIAL
Product Description



The YT-73091 universal meter is equipped with measuring clamps that allow you to measure the intensity of alternating current in a single wire using the induction method. This allows you to measure much higher currents than conventional electric meters of the YT-7308X series (up to 600A). The maximum diameter of the cable tested by the YT-73091 multimeter is 37mm

In addition to measuring the value of alternating current, this device can measure DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, temperature and check the operation of the diodes.

The buzzer is useful when inspecting electrical installations - it allows us to easily verify circuit continuity. The multimeter's auto-off feature saves battery life. An additional cover protects the multimeter against falls and impacts in transport.

In addition, the YT-73086 digital meter allows temperature measurement, which is especially useful when detecting faulty components of electrical installations (increased resistance of e.g. a damaged wire causes heating of the component).

The "DATA H" button is used to store the measured value on the display. The "MAX H" button is used to keep the highest measured value on the display. Both of these buttons are very useful for highly variable measurements.

The backlit meter screen enables operation in low light conditions.

Intended use / Application

For professional measurements of electrical values.

How to use

AC measurement with clamps is as follows: Use the selector to set the appropriate measurement range. Then open the clamp by pressing the lever. A single wire through which alternating current flows (maximum diameter of tested wire is 37 mm) should be placed inside the clamp and closed. The clamp jaws should fit snugly against each other and the wire should be in the central point between the clamps. Otherwise, a measurement error may occur. The measured value can then be read on the display.


Clamp multimeter, test leads 2 sets

Technical data

Symbol YT-73091
EAN 5906083730917
Brand Yato
weight (kg) 0.5750
Master Carton MC 20
Pal 480
Automatic range Tak
Sampling frequency 3 times a second
AC voltage measurement 0-600V ±1,2%
DC voltage measurement 0-600V ±1,0%
Measurement of resistance 0-20 M ±3%
Temperature measurement -20 do 1000°C
Alternating current 0-600A ±3%
Circuit continuity test built-in buzzer
Diode test 1mA, 1,48V


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